3 Steps to a Minimalist Wardrobe

3 Steps to a Minimalist Wardrobe

Have you ever felt frustrated about your personal style, spending habits and trying to keep up with fast fashion trends that you don’t really need? Partly, you are responsible for the things that are within your control while the other half of it is our constant exposure to media.

The fashion-forward revolution has saturated the media which heavily influenced our style choices and purchase decisions. Each day as we scroll through our social media feed, we are bombarded with influencers, advertisements, recommendations, photos and more that create an impact on our fashion sense. It’s not entirely a bad thing nor is it also a good thing. However, one effective way to counteract the media influence and regulate spending habits is to find your way into a minimalist wardrobe. Here’s how:


This is the most crucial, painstaking and time-consuming step that you have to do as you need to organize and declutter your wardrobe. Remember to keep the essentials, the basics and even the neutral-colored items that you think are useful. Donate, sell or toss items that can rarely be worn, don’t fit well or not in good condition. When you shop for clothing items, only focus on what you really need. Take note that you have to set rules, invest in classic, high-quality and always on-season items. Some good examples of these items are the Bakersmith&Marc Classic Wallet Collection, a well-fitted black blazer or a comfy white T-shirt.  This can be a bit stressful but it is worth it if you’re looking to save money, clear your space and your mind as well as liberate yourself from unnecessary worries. That’s right, there are many benefits to minimalism and sorting through that closet is the first step! 


Setting your style can be a bit challenging but it’s fun! The key to choosing the right clothing items for you is knowing your style. It’s a given that you’re opting for a minimalist approach but have you figured out what type of minimalist wardrobe are you building? If you haven’t resolved that yet, below are kinds of minimalist fashion examples that you can take inspiration from.


Lastly, it’s important to remember that being a minimalist is also tantamount to observing order and cleanliness. It’s not enough that you’ve revamped your wardrobe. Maintaining it neat and organised is another thing. There are many ways to set up an organised wardrobe. You can use drawers and hangers for shirts, coats, jackets and pants, drawer barriers for socks and underwear, boxes for accessories, ties, and wallets, baskets and bins for activewear and racks to hang other clothing pieces. Essentially, you’re not only decluttering and fixing up your closet but you’re also keeping your items in excellent quality through proper care. 

The bottom line in creating that minimalist wardrobe is prioritizing the important pieces, knowing and understanding your colour palette of clothes and building simple, comfortable yet versatile clothes that are easy to pair up with almost anything.

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