Why still use a wallet in the digital age

Why still use a wallet in the digital age

While it may not be a great time for wallet, it’s no reason to ditch it. Rather, it’s high time to reconsider getting one simply because digital isn’t always better.

The digital age has allowed for the sophistication of simple accessories as slim wallets.

While digital technology has helped speed up the process of the knowledge doubling curve, there are things that only an analogue experience can give.

Scientists explain that our life is not entirely changed with the advent of digital software. The essence hasn’t changed. Nature and intuition remained the same despite the advancement.


Here are some reasons to keep using a wallet:

Having a wallet is simpler

A wallet, at its core, is storage for your valuables. It keeps your cash, cards, and other valuables like your family photo safely tucked away.

Besides, having cash is simpler. Instead of using your smartphone to pay for your next drink, why not pull out your wallet and pay in cash and leave the change for the bartender?

Digital detox

The amount of talk about digital detox speaks how we should practice it because of the adverse effect of social media and digital lifestyle on the human psyche.

Paying cash, like in the first point, can help you take time off your smartphone or device. Besides, there are many benefits when you do a digital detox.

Great conversation starter

Our Nappa leather wallets are designed to look great both on the outside and the inside. These can be great conversation starters and can lead to deeper and more meaningful talk between people.

You can make a great statement

A slim wallet is a statement. Our designs are meant to compliment your overall look and give you a classy appeal to anyone who will take a glance at your stride.

Tactile experience

As human beings, we still touch things with our hands, hear things with our ears and see things with our eyes — all of which are decidedly (and beautifully) analog reception devices.

It takes a lot of patience to operate analog devices. We’ll even venture to say that you need a special kind of patience to operate them well. While a minimalist wallet may be analog, it is far from being a pain to operate.

While the future may look like it’s going the digital path, analog will always be a classic choice for those who want to stand out.


So, the question, which is better between high tech or low tech?

It’s not that one is bad and the other is good. It’s about finding the right balance between

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