Why you should keep your wallet slim

Why you should keep your wallet slim

A slim wallet is a statement.

It speaks of refinement, efficiency, and discipline.

It’s no wonder most men nowadays opt for a sleeker design. On the contrary, thick wallets are bulky, untidy, and uncomfortable. It can also cause serious health issues.

If you have been mulling over slimming your wallet, let us convince you further with these benefits.

Here are instances where sitting on a fat wallet will not do you good.

“Fat Wallet Syndrome”

Sitting on a bulky wallet can ruin your back. Piriformis is an uncommon cause of pain and other symptoms in the buttocks and/or lower back that can radiate down the leg to the foot.

No bulge = better style

A bulge in one of your pants pockets can make an otherwise clean, well-coordinated outfit look sloppy.

Organizing is simpler

The less junk you have in your wallet, the easier it will be to find things in your wallet.


Ready to clean your wallet? Here are some things you can do to clean out your wallet.

Get a new one.

The best way is to start from ground zero. Pick a slim wallet that matches your style, taste, and functions just as good as it looks. It should have the simplicity and sophistication to complete your look.

It’s also best to check the materials and build. Quality pieces will never let you down style and function-wise.

Clear out the junk

That’s what they are, junk. Things you don’t need.

You might have mindlessly put them in your wallet thinking you “maybe” need them someday. Well, if you really need the receipts, snap them with your phone.

Organise your cards and only bring ones you absolutely need every day. And finally, toss those coins in your piggy bank for a rainy day.

Relocate your family photos.

You don’t need to bring photos of your loved ones in your wallet to prove you love them.

After all, we are living in the modern era where we can have gigabytes of photos of our family in our smartphones. Spare the space in your wallet for other stuff.

Keep one or two photos if you feel the need to see them whenever you whip your wallet out.

Carry less cash

Having cash is good. But too much of it can cause your wallet to bulge significantly.


If you want to look and feel like a gentleman, you must pay attention to the details. You may wear the right clothes and have the right hairstyle. But if something sticks out of place, then it might ruin the whole look for you.

Pick a slim wallet that will enhance the way you look and feel. The simpler the look, the more sophisticated and refined you will be.

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